Buying your first leather jacket?

You must be excited to buy your first leather jacket. However, investing in a leather jacket is risky as these jackets are expensive. So, do not take this decision in a rush; rather, consider few things to help you make a wise decision.

Why you want a leather jacket? Yes, first of all, you need to be very clear about your needs. It would help if you had a biker's jacket, a bomber jacket or a fashion leather jacket, you have to decide first. Biker's jackets are manufactured with thick leather to protect your body during the ride. On the other hand, fashion jackets are more stylish and usually made with fine thin leather. The quality of leather, style, and stitching is different for different types of jackets.

Get a high-quality leather jacket: Leather jackets are always in fashion, so if you buy a high-quality leather jacket, you can wear it for years. Try to find full-grain leather or top-grain leather; they are good in quality and durable. Other types of leather get cracks easily and not durable at all. If you are investing in a leather jacket, spend a little more to buy a top-quality jacket.

Pay attention to details: Usually, we consider the look of the jacket and the style. There are some other details which should be considered. For instance, check the inner lining. It should be comfortable to wear and properly stitched. Different inner lining options are available; you can choose your preferred one. The jacket you are considering should be properly stitched. There should not be threads and loose ends hanging around. Pay attention to accessories like buttons, zip, motifs, badges, etc. they should be strong, clean, and properly stitched.

Proper sizing: Once you have decided about the jacket after checking it inside out, you must try it. Proper sizing is very important. It should be properly fit at your shoulders. The armhole should not be very tight or very loose. You must be able to lift both your arms without any discomfort. The edge of the sleeve should touch your thumb. Long sleeves will cause a problem in use. The length of the jacket should be the waistband of your pants. It's for standard jackets; if you want a long leather jacket, you have to decide about the length.

These are some key points which you should consider before buying your first leather jacket. You can choose any color of your choice. But for most people, black is the color for their first jacket.